Company NameTelEmailWebSiteNationality
Nacalai Tesque, Inc. 81 75 251 1723 [email protected] Japan
Napp Technologies LLC 201 843 4664 ext. 234 United States
Narchem Corporation 800 458 1057 sales [email protected] United States
Natland International Corporation 919 380 9775 United States
National Drugs & Chemicals 91 2228933489 [email protected] India
NeoMPS SA (33) 3 88 79 08 79 [email protected] France
NeoSyn Laboratories Inc. 860 355 2312 [email protected] United States
NetChem, Inc. 732 846 8111 [email protected] United States
New England Peptide, Inc. 978 630 0020 [email protected] United States
NIGU Chemie GmbH 49 86389620 Germany
S. Nihar Exports 91 22 208 5632 [email protected] India
Nihon Emulsion Co., Ltd. 81 (3) 3314 3211 [email protected]p Japan
Norquay Technology Incorporated, U.S.A. 610 874 4330 [email protected] United States
EMD Biosciences, Inc. 800 526-7319 [email protected] United States
Emerald Kalama Chemical 360 673 2550 [email protected] United States
Novus Biologicals, Inc. 888 506 6887 [email protected] United States
Nu Chek Prep, Inc. 507 267 4689 [email protected] United States
Nanjing Pharma Chemical Plant 025-85573482 13905170631 [email protected] China
Nanjing Rising Chemical Industry Co., Ltd 0086 25 85327686 [email protected] China
Noromo-HJCC Group 0086-10-64969569 [email protected] China
Chengdu Syntech Pharmaceutical & Chemical Synthesis Innovation Center +86-28-85255208 [email protected] China
Anhui New Star Pharmaceutical Development Co., Ltd 0551-65146308-805 65146108 [email protected] China
Ningbo Lianyu Import & Export Co., Ltd +86-574-87326602,87311618 [email protected] China
Nanjing Dongzheng Chemicals & Light Industry Materials Co., Ltd 025-85634308 85955716    [email protected] China
Ningxia Yuanda Xingbo Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd 0951-6191082 [email protected] China
New China Chemicals Co., Ltd 86 022 66282330 66282340 [email protected] China
Beijing NAB International Co., Ltd 86-010-64392193 [email protected] China
Changsha Newsun Co., Ltd +86-731 4252605 , 4252261 [email protected] China
Hong Kong New-Industry International Holdings (Jilin) Sorbic Acid Co., Ltd 86+0432-2163002 86+432-2163001 [email protected] China
Nantong Baiming Chemical Co., Ltd 0513-85280049 85287719 [email protected] China
Ningbo Research & Design Institute of Chemical Industry 0574-87977000 87979388 [email protected] China
Jiangyin Nijiaxiang Chemical Co., Ltd 0515-85075899 [email protected] China
New Dragon Co., Ltd 86-574-87703994, 87716276 87721076 [email protected] China
Tianjin New Sun Biochem Co., Ltd 86-022-83711291 [email protected] China
Ningbo Yonghua Resin Co., Ltd 0574-86680007 [email protected] China
Lishui Nanming Chemical Co., Ltd 0578-2697828 2699567 [email protected] China
Nanjing Huafuyao Trade Co., Ltd China
North China Pharmaceutical Kangxin Co., Ltd 0311-86677982-810 [email protected] China
Nanjing Winsome Chemical Limited 025-84651981 [email protected] China
Weihai Newera Chemical Co., Ltd +86-631-5920703 [email protected] China
Nantong Tianji Chemical Industry Co., Ltd 0086-513-4507137 [email protected] China
ChemicalBook China
Nangtong Xingchen Compose Material Co., Ltd 0513-85997803 [email protected] China
Nanjing Jiangning Minli Oil & Fat Chemical Plant 025-52732092 [email protected] China
Northwest Research Institute of Chemical Industry +86-+29-83870403,83870432 [email protected] China
Nanjing Dichuang Import & Export Co., Ltd 0086-25-86795631,86795630 [email protected] China
Wuhan Natduct Advanced Technology Co., Ltd +86-27-88910167 86545461 [email protected] China
Shanghai Nanxiang Reagent Co., Ltd +86-21-39127448 39125199 39126748 [email protected] China
Nata Biochemical Products Co., Ltd 86-512-62520998-301 [email protected] China
Nexfar Limited 86-571-85713733 [email protected] China
Lishui Guanshan Fine Chemical Co., Ltd +86-25-57280177 57280181 [email protected] China
Nanjing Chemical Material Generial Corporation 86-25-86630794 86638880, [email protected] China
Hangzhou Nanjiao Chemical.Co., Ltd 86-0571-86616840 [email protected] China
Nantong Wolan Chemicals Co., Ltd 0513-84816918 84816333 [email protected] China
Daqing New Century Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd +86-10-57126694 [email protected] China
CGIAR Reach Nanjing Chemical Company 025-84412230 [email protected] China
Hangzhou Nanschem Co., Ltd +86-571-64067827,+86-138-68127881 [email protected] China
Tianjin Nanjin Chemical Co., Ltd 013920413116 [email protected] China
Nantong Kaixin Pharma Chemical Co., Ltd 86 0513 85250786 85250787 [email protected] China
Ningbo Qiushi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd 0574-86505531 86505526 [email protected] China
Nanjing T. N. C. Chemical Co., Ltd +86 25 57759731, 57758508 [email protected] China
Du-Hope International Group 025-52346998 [email protected] China
The New Century Chemical & pharmaceutical Enterprise 86-0519-86667939 [email protected] China
Nantong Huikang International Enterprise Co., Ltd 0513-83599062 83599063 [email protected] China
Nanjing Pharma Chemical Co., Ltd 013601585586 [email protected] China
Tieling North Furfural (Group) Co., Ltd 0086-410-2600841 [email protected] China
Nexchem Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd 0579-82229393 82229391 [email protected] China
Taizhou Huangyan South Chemical Co., Ltd 0571-88161138 [email protected] China
Xuzhou Nuote Chemicals Co., Ltd +86-516-83200911, 83200912 [email protected] China
Canfo Natural Products Co., Ltd +86-28-8517 4627/8074 [email protected] China
Nanjing Chem. Corp. Chemical Plant 025-57791292 [email protected] China
Newsmart (Nantong) Chem-Spec Ind 86-513-83534701-83534718 [email protected] China
Shanghai Nicechem Co., Ltd +86-21-51085507 65444126 [email protected] China
Beijing Nordhuns Chemical Technology Co., Ltd 86-010-84929330 84926806 [email protected] China
Hangzhou Nanbo Biochemical Technoligy Co., Ltd 86-0571-88739652 [email protected] China
Complant Ningbo Imp.& Exp. Co., Ltd 86-574-56156036 [email protected] China
Nantong Acetic Acid Co., Ltd 0513-89195668 [email protected] China
Nanjing Chemical Reagent Co., Ltd 025-85321434 85323128 [email protected] China
Nanjing R&M Fine Chemical Co., Ltd 025-57592836 83877898 [email protected] China
Sinochem Ningbo Chemicals Co., Ltd 0574-87770003 87770030 [email protected] China
Nantong Feiya Biotech Co., Ltd China
Nanjing Richuang Automation Instruments Engineering Co., Ltd 86-025-84700186 [email protected] China
Nanjing Silicon Chemical Co., Ltd 0086-25-85633886 [email protected] China
Wuxi Southward Chemical Auxiliary Co., Ltd +86-510-85580939 85581486 [email protected] China
Nutraland Limited 021-64327137 64327138 [email protected] China
Nanjing Lifenergy R & D Co., Ltd 86-025-84815560 [email protected] China
Nanjing Newell Chemical Co., Ltd 0086-25-84216562 [email protected] China
Nanjing Joy Industrial trade Co., Ltd 025-52347151 [email protected] China
Nankai University Fine Chemical Lab 0086-22-23503115 [email protected] China
Haimen Hi-Science Chemical Assistant Works 0513-87962288  [email protected] China
Nanjing Caihua Chemical Co., Ltd 8625-52891692 [email protected] China
Nanjing Guanhua Trading Co., Ltd 025-83269359 83269360 [email protected] China
Nabond Technologies Co., Limited +86-755-89801091 [email protected] China
Shanghai Nimrod Biochemical Co., Ltd +86 21 68546846 [email protected] China
Haimen Fu Kai Electronic Co., Ltd 86-513-82218266 [email protected] China
Hangzhou Nanhang Industrial Co., Ltd +86-571-86777177 [email protected] China
Zhejiang Kinglyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd 86-575-82737898 82738386 [email protected] China
Nova Pharm and Chem Co., Ltd 86-574-87365517 87362335 [email protected] China
Jiangsu Lanxiang Trade Co., Ltd 86-515-4990936 86-515 [email protected] China
Nanjing Pharmatechs Co., Ltd 86 025 58394007 [email protected] China
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